Your interactive marketing power tools at an unbelievably affordable price

>We offer a range of scalable marketing campaign solutions to suit your brand and business. Let us know your needs and we can help you put together a solution package just right for you!


 Basic Content Plan

Unlimited landing pages and forms to grow SEO traffic and generate leads

This plan is perfect for marketers who want to build landing pages to generate leads and grow SEO traffic.  You can use our Canvas page editor to quickly create and launch RWD marketing pages and forms. 

You can further build your blog or SEO content web using our Zines CMS。



 Pro/Premium Plans

Engaging Marketing Campaigns to entertain, educate, and incentize your cutsomers

This plan is life-saver for businesses who run frequent digital marketing campaigns.  You can use our 20+ interactive modules to entertain, educate, and incentivize your customers, thereby guiding them further down their customer journeys.  Our powerful toolbox can help you quickly launch any kind of campaign even on short notice.



 Enterprise Plan

Build your own marketing campaign database integrated with your membership system, CRM, CDP

This plan is essential for brands who want to methodically build customer data assets beyond transaction data.  We help you connect marketing campaigns with your very own Facebook APP, LINE OA, and digital member login system, and can feed campaign participant data into into your CRM and CDP so you can build richer customer profiles. 

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* Each plan is designed for one business/single fan page.

* Please see Sponsor terms and Use for more details.

* Custom domain: You can set up DNS to cname your sub-domain to our server for your campaign website. We support SSL on all our pages.

* We also have plans for agencies and  white-label, please contact us at