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To win in the mobile era, your marketing tactics must be
Execute in no time
Launch powerful promotions
Market to the right audience


Reach → Engage → Convert

Easiest way to implement your Marketing funnels

To influence a buyer's purchase decision, brands need to contact the prospect a minimum of 7 times within an 18-month period. By using a mix of content marketing, and promotions tatics, you can successfully drive buyers down the funnel. Feversocial platform gives you unlimited access to launching all your marketing events




Our Marketing Tools Suite 


Campaign Manager

Our interactive campaigns are easy to set up, fun to participate in, and incredibly viral on the social network!


RWD Page builder

The easiest RWD visual landing page builder for marketers! 


Prize Manager

Prize Manager helps you handle prize setting, prize drawing, winner notification, and winner data collection processes.


Marketing CRM

We keep all your participants data in one place so you can use them later for re-marketing.



We provide GA-based traffic reports and participants social demograph and viral clicks report. 


Website Plugins

Run social campaigns on your website to enrich interactions with visitors and drive traffic back to your site.


30,000+ companies, and 100,000+ promotions


01 行銷活動

20+ 活動模組 組合成數十種行銷玩法
  • 完整的社群分享擴散設計,提高塗鴉牆曝光率
  • 輕鬆管理給獎/開獎通知
  • 客製化表格功能
  • 電子序號管理:動態發送不重複優惠序號
  • 活動成果報表/社群擴散分析






02 網頁編輯工具

製作高效行銷頁 Landing Page
吸睛的視覺效果,絕佳的行動體驗,提高 SEO,加強導購





03 網誌平台

內容行銷利器 Your Marketing CMS


  • 建立行銷活動訊息頻道
  • 製作數位專輯
  • 製作event site
  • 建立內容導購網誌

Zines 情報誌 


04 資料蒐集

蒐集資料再行銷 Remarketing Data
  • 支援 Google UA/GTM,Facebook Pixel 追蹤碼
  • 長期蒐集訪客足跡 (Cookies) 作為 Retargeting 使用
  • 報名表單可自訂客製化欄位,蒐集更多顧客資料
  • 透過活動洞悉顧客喜好與潛在購買力




05 會員登入

Facebook App
擁有企業專屬的品牌活動 App
  • 所有活動均使用同一款FB APP 授權登入
  • 長期追蹤潛在顧客,做精準分眾
  • 可透過授權取得 FB uid、 Email、性別、生日
  • 可直接使用 FB uid 操作 Retargeting
  • 從 Facebook App Insights 獲取更多數據分析