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To win in the mobile era, you need smarter marketing tools

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Easiest way to implement your Marketing funnels

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To influence a buyer's purchase decision, brands need to contact the prospect a minimum of 7 times within an 18-month period.

By using a mix of social campaign, content marketing, and promotional incentive, you can successfully drive buyers down the funnel.

Feversocial platform gives you unlimited access to launching all your marketing events


01 Marketing Campaign

20+ Campaign Modules + 5 Prize Types = 100+ ways to run your campaigns 

  • Manage prize drawing and winner notification
  • Built-in form to collect participant info
  • Unique coupon code dispensing and coupon redemption management
  • Campaign traffic chart, participant profile analysis, and social click report.

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02 Page Builder

Eye-catching visuals, immersive mobile browsing, search-optimised

  • Add blocks of content elements such as slideshow, product gallery, iframe/JS widgets 
  • Preview mobile-version as you build the RWD page
  • Save any page as a template for re-use
  • Page traffic, scroll depth, and click analysis reports to help optimise content

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03  Forms

Create conversion tracking forms

  • Can be used independently or within campaign entry flow
  • Good-looking RWD layout that makes form-filling a pleasure
  • Track sign-up conversion by traffic source
  • Set up webhook to push form data to your CRM, eDM, and CDP.
  • Protect users' PII data via encryption and data download controls.

 More about Forms

04 Zines

Platform to showcase branded interactive experiences and multi-media contents 

  • Organise and link pages using tags and related content blocks
  • Build mini sites or event sites
  • Custom domain mapping to your website

More about Zines 


05 Audience Data Collection

Data for Re-marketing 

  • Support Google UA and re-marketing tag, Facebook Pixel, and Google Tag Manager (GTM).
  • Track campaign entry and sign-up conversions, clicks events, and more.
  • Leverage campaign data to tag customer traits, lifestyle, and interests, and integrate with CRM and CDP to further enrich customer insights.

More about audience data 



06 CRM Integrations

Campaign Log-in Integration

  • 可串接企業自己的會員系統,舉辦會員專屬活動
  • 長期用同一套系統累積顧客軟資料,做更精準的分眾行銷
  • 可透過授權取得 FB/Line uid、 Email、生日
  • 可直接使用 FB uid 操作 Retargeting Ad
  • 可獲得Line uid名單做精準分眾、降低推播成本
  • 可將活動收集到的資料拋接到企業自己的CRM及其他系統做再行銷應用



企業行銷 CMS系統



05 Branded Facebook App

Facebook App
Leverage social login to build your audience base
  • Run all your campaigns using own FB App for user login
  • Authorised to collect user FB uid, Email, and Birthdate
  • Retarget on Facebook using FB uid for custom audience
  • Build opted-in email lists
  • More audience insight from the FB App Dashboard
  • Can be integrated with your website's FB login




All-in-one Interactive Marketing Tools Suite 


Campaign Manager

Our interactive campaigns are easy to set up, fun to participate in, and incredibly viral on the social network!


RWD Page builder

One version that that look good on both PC and mobile.  The easiest block-based, visual webpage builder for marketers! 


Prize Manager

Handle prize setting, prize drawing, coupon codes, winner notification, and winner data collection processes, all in one place.


Marketing CRM

We keep all your campaign participants data in one place so you can use them later for re-marketing.



 Traffic, clicks, and participant  reports, even webpage scroll depth analysis, we have you covered. 


Website Plugins

Embed interactive campaigns widgets on your website to enrich engagement with visitors.


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