Prize Manager

FeverSocial’s Prize Manager helps you handle prize setting, prize drawing, winner notification, and winner data collection processes.

You don’t need to download entries into excel, or use a random number generator to administer your prize drawing! The Prize Manager helps you select winners based on entry eligibility, send winner notifications, and manage coupon redemption reminders and expiration.



1. 需寄送之實體贈品


2. 優惠券



3. 電子序號 

如果你經營的電子商店或實體的 POS 機器可以產生不重複的折扣序號,你可以將序號批量上傳到我們的平台,活動便可以發送給個別得獎人。

如果你開放實體兌換,序號還會被系統自動轉成 QR code,方便你的 POS 系統直接掃描核銷。


Reward Methods

These reward methods are used in conjunction with FeverSocial’s campaign modules. 


《 Lucky Draw 》

Set any number of prizes and quantities and the Prize Manager will calculate up-to-date winning odds for each prize as your sweepstake progresses.





  Lucky Draw—Daily or Weeky drawing



  Lucky Draw— Prize Tip Count

Create more buzz and get participants to rally friends by setting thresholds for number of entries reached to unlock additional prizes.

《 Instant Win 》

Create e-coupon or upload any set of unique redemption codes to drive sales in your store or e-shop; winner receives the coupon or redemption code instantly on the campaign page.

Coupon redemption can be performed on smartphones, or from Prize Manager dashboard. QR code is generated for each redemption code to integrate with your POS system.

Use in combo with Lucky Draw: Extend the buzz by setting a lucky draw prize in addition to your first-come-first-win e-coupons or redemption codes; when these instant prizes have all been given out, instead of ending the promotion, you can still invite new participants to enter in the lucky draw.

  Lucky Draw + Instant Win


《 E-Scratchcard 》

Boost participants’ excitement by adding a twist to the instant reward. Prizes can scratched open right on winners’ smartphones or computer screens!

Decide how many e-scratchcards to issue and then set different types of prizes and respective quantities. Prizes can include various e-coupons, redemption codes, or physical/shippable goods. You can also create a Thank You message for non-winning cards. The Prize Manager will keep track of the winning odds for each prize as each scratchcard is given out.



Facebook 貼文留言抽獎工具 


  • 可以針對表情符號名單抽獎!
  • 可以針對留言抽獎
  • 可以針對同時有按讚 + 留言的粉絲抽獎。你也可以把不符合規則的參加者先從管理後台取消資格再抽獎。
  • 提供得獎人登入填寫聯絡資料,方便你聯絡/寄送獎品給得獎人。

FB 貼文抽獎功能介紹